Quality Policy

Benda-Lutz is dedicated to...
Providing quality products and services with on-time delivery, to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
Using selected ingredients. Applying state-of-the-art technology operated by well-trained technicians.

It is our goal to...
Be a strong world market presence.
Use strategic partnerships.
Employ methods which will enhance the economic benefit for our customers an ourselves.
Instill a tradition of loyalty, cooperation and trust in our employees and our customers.

To reach this goal Benda-Lutz will...
Strive to achieve the highest industry quality standards.
Be the industry leader in the production of metal pigments and powders for powder coatings and the Benda-Lutz® Bonding of powder coatings.
Increase our market share in other fields of application for metal pigments and powders.
Continually improve our processes, our quality and the satisfaction of our customers.
Be innovative in the development of new processes and products.
Be attentive to the protection of our environment.
Adhere to high moral, legal and ethical standards.
Ensure the safety and wellbeing of our associates.

Benda-Lutz endeavors to live by the principles of this policy every day.