The proper mixture is the most important thing
Incorporation methods for effect pigments in powder coatings

Blitz® Bonding

+ Top quality with outstanding application properties
+ No separation of powder coating and effect pigment when applying and recycling
Cost advantage for larger quantities
Blitz® ID-Metallic
+ Good application properties
+ Higher quality than Dry Blending but comparable in price
+ Large choice of effects
- Separation-free recycling not possible with all effects

Dry Blending

+ Simple production
Separation of powder coating and pigment when applying and recycling


+ Incorporation without additional processing step
+ No de-mixing of powder coating and pigment
Pigments are frequently crushed. Metal effect is reduced
Limited choice of effects
With the Color Development Team you have a partner with decades of experience who can advise you competently in the development of your metallic effects – and can do so in the usual high Benda-Lutz quality. Regardless of what system you want to have improved – polyester, poly urethane, acrylic, their hybrids or even thermoplastics – you can count on our support in every case.
1. Do you have a question? Send us your metallic template together with the corresponding requirements using our proven order form for samples.    
2. We recommend to you the suitable base material.  
3. You send us the recommended quantity of powder coating.  
4. We work out several color suggestions and send these back to you as samples.  
5. You can present firstclass metallic color tones to your customer.  
The competent staff of our Color Development Team will be glad to support you in all questions about metallic powder coatings.